Iowa survey on immigration (audio)

John Stineman, a GOP operative in Iowa, and Ann Selzer, pollster extraordinaire, held a telephone briefing this morning about a survey of Iowa Republicans to gauge views on immigration, both illegal and legal immigration.  Stineman said it debunks “misconceptions” and shows Iowans are “open-minded” to immigration reform. Selzer said it shows economic issues are paramount for Iowa Republicans.

“This is a different year. This is a different mood. This is a different agenda,” Selzer said.

AUDIO of the briefing. 27 min

Man who asked the question of Bachmann

It was Eddie Diaz, a 32-year-old who lives in Perry.  Diaz told reporters he was “born and raised in the U.S.” and he declined to reveal his occupation. Diaz said he was tired of politicians who used illegal immigration as a “scare tactic to rile up voters.”

As reporters gathered around Diaz, others in the crowd started shouting at Diaz and at reporters.  One man said children of people who commit murder are penalized, as they’re sent to foster care.  A woman who said she was from Perry told reporters “half the students” in Perry High School are “Mexicans” who are getting “free books and free food” from Perry taxpayers.  When asked, the woman said she didn’t know if the students she referred to as “Mexicans”  were all illegal.