Context: Oct 2007 Iowa Poll

During the last election cycle, The Des Moines Register Iowa Poll released October 5, 2007 showed Romney leading Fred Thompson 29 to 18 percent.  Mike Huckabee had 12 percent support in that poll, essentially tied with Rudy Giuliani, who had 11 percent.  Read the details of that October 2007 poll here.  Margin of error was +/- 4.9 percent, same as the Iowa Poll just released tonight.  (In case you’re just joining us, Huckabee won the 2008 Iowa Caucuses, Romney was second; Fred Thompson was third.)

DMR Poll shows (another) statistical dead heat

The just-releated Des Moines Register Iowa Poll shows a statistical dead heat between Herman Cain at 23 percent and Mitt Romney at 22 percent.  The poll has a margin of error of +/- 4.9 percent.

Ron Paul has secured the third spot in the poll with 12 percent and Michele Bachmann, who was in the statistical dead heat position with Romney early this summer in the paper’s June poll, has fallen back to fourth place, with 8 percent support in this poll, which was taken Oct. 23-26.  Newt Gingrich & Rick Perry are tied for fifth.  Rick Santorum — the candidate who has spent the most time in Iowa — was in seventh, with five percent. Jon Huntsman — the candidate who has spent the least time here (his only visit was in August to participate in the FOX News debate in Ames) — got 1 percent.