AUDIO from the #IA03 nominating convention

If you want to relive the day or hear how it all transpired, I’ve posted audio from the speeches the candidates (or their designee) gave this past Saturday at the Iowa Republican Party’s third congressional district nominating convention at Des Moines Christian High School in Urbandale.  The “mult box” which provides an audio feed from the sound system did not work.  The first few audio files are “wild sound” from the room. The last several are audio files from a recorder I was able to place on the lectern, however many of the candidates took the microphone and roamed around the stage, so that audio isn’t crystal clear either.

AUDIO of first round of speeches before first round of voting. After the delegates’ ballots were counted, the candidates finished in this order: Brad Zaun 130, Monte Shaw 118, Matt Schultz 95, David Young 86, Robert Cramer 75 & Joe Grandanette 7.

AUDIO of second round of speeches before second round of voting. For some reason, the lowest vote-getter in the first round was not tossed out, so Grandanette’s is the first voice you hear.  In the second round, the candidates finished in this order: Zaun 157; Shaw 122; Schultz 88; Young 81; Cramer 60; Grandanette 2.

AUDIO of third round of speeches before third round of voting. Cramer was the first to speak, and he took himself out of contention.  In the third round, the candidates finished in this order: Zaun 188; Shaw 126; Young 102; Schultz 85.

AUDIO of fourth round of speeches before fourth round of voting. Although Schultz had been dropped from this round of voting, Young gave Schultz a chance to speak — and Schultz asked delegates who had voted for him to support Young. In the fourth round, the candidates finished in this order: Zaun 206; Young 171; Shaw 120.

AUDIO of fifth round of speeches before fifth and FINAL round of voting.  The final tally: Young 276, Zaun 221

Click here to listen to Young’s speech to delegates after he had been announced as the winner.

The final tally: Young 276, Zaun 221

David Young won with 276 delegates’ support compared to Brad Zaun’s 221.

The key, as you’ll see below in the county tallies, is the Polk County delegation (Zaun’s home county)un 221

Adair: Young 6

Adams: Young 3

Cass: Young 9, Zaun 3

Dallas: Young 41, Zaun 14

Fremont: Young 1, Zaun 4

Guthrie: Young 6, Zaun 3

Madison: Young 9, Zaun 4

Mills: Zaun 5, Young 7

Montgomery: Young 2, Zaun 6

Page: Young 4, Zaun 5

Polk: Young 126, Zaun 126

Pottawattamie: Young 34, Zaun 26

Ringgold: Young 4

Taylor: Zaun 5

Union: Young 8

Warren: Young 16, Zaun 20

Young and Zaun make their final pitches

David Young spoke first.

“I have solutions. I want to be at the table,” Young said, then delivered his best campaign line: “I don’t want to blow up the governemt, but I do have a stick and I want to whack it.”

“… know who my boss is. It’s not John Boehner…or Eric Cantor…My boss is you. You have the power hire me. You have the power to fire and I respect you immensely,” Young told the delegates.

Brad Zaun quipped as he began: “I just have to say for one second, I wish my speech teacher from high school could see me now because if I could recall my grade wasn’t an A — but I’ve improved somewhat.”

Zaun again stressed that he was the top vote-getter on June 3.

“I ask you to consider this. the people spoke on June 3. They did put me in first. Please put that in consideration. I also have been in first place all day long,” Zaun said.

Zaun listed some of his top campaign issues — term limits, ObamaCare, tax reduction, then concluded: “I have ran a positive campaign…I’m asking the Monte people to please consider me.”

And then there were two….

The next round of voting went as follows:

Shaw: 120

Young: 171

Zaun: 206

Here are the county totals:

Adair: Shaw 4, Young 2

Adams: Shaw 2, Zaun 1

Cass: Shaw 1, Young 8, Zaun 3

Dallas: Shaw 14, Young 29, Zaun 11

Fremont: Shaw 2, Young 1, Zaun 2

Guthrie: Shaw 5, Young 2, Zaun 2

Madison: Shaw 2, Young 7, Zaun 4

Mills: Shaw 5, Young 3, Zaun 4

Montgomery: Shaw 1, Young 2, Zaun 5

Page: Shaw 4, Young 2, Zaun 4

Polk: Shaw 51, Young 80, Zaun 121

Pott: Shaw 8, Young 24, Zaun 28

Ringgold: Shaw 1, Young 2, Zaun 1

Taylor: Shaw 1, Zaun 4

Union: Young 3, Shaw 5

Warren: Shaw 14, Young 6, Zaun 16


As Schultz bows out, he backs Young — surprising Zaun camp

Prior to the next round of voting, David Young gave Matt Schultz a chance to speak.

“It has been an honor serving as your secretary of state,” Schultz said, and got a standing ovation.  Schultz finished last in the previous round of balloting and was eliminated.

“I want all of you to know how much I respect David Young. We need somebody who can go to washington & fight who’s conservatrive and who can win,” Schultz said as he endorsed Young’s candidacy at this nominating convention. “…I’m asking all of you who supported me to get behind David.”

Young made a few remarks in the time he had remaining, then Monte Shaw spoke. Shaw focused his remarks on foreign policy in this go round, telling the delegates the U.S. cannot be the world’s policeman, but America must understand the dynamics of foreign policy.

Brad Zaun saluted Schuultz as “the secretary of state in the history of the state.”

“(Schultz) definitely had the liberal media after him,” Zaun told delegates, before continuing: “I’ve got to try to win some of you guys over here.”

“…We have got to send someone to Washington DC that holds accountable this unconstitutional liberal president and I’ll give you my word. I will,” Zaun said.

Voting commenced at around 2:30 p.m.

NEXT round of VOTING in #IAGOP #IA03

Here’s the tally from the latest round of voting:

Schuultz 85

Shaw 126

Young 102

Zaun 188

Here are the county totals:

Adair: Schultz 1, Shaw 4, Young 1

Adams: Shaw 2, schultz 1

Cass: Schultz 4, Shaw 1, Young 7

Dallas: Schultz 18, Shaw 15, Young 13, Zaun 10

Fremont: Schultz 1, Shaw 2, Young 1, Zaun 1

Guthrie: Shaw 5, Young 2, Zaun 2

Madison: Schultz 5, Shaw 2, Young 2, Zaun 4

Mills: Shaw 5, Young 3, Zaun 4

Montgomery: Shaw 2, Young 2, Zaun 4

Page: Schultz 1 Shaw 4, Zaun 7

Polk: 11 no votes, Schultz 33, Shaw 57, Young 47, Zaun 115

Pottawattamie: Schultz 14, Shaw 7, Young 18, Zaun 21

Ringgold: Shaw 3, Zaun 1

Taylor: Schultz 2, Shaw 1, Zaun 2

Union: Young 2, Shaw 6

Warren: Schultz 5, Young 4, Shaw 10, Zaun 17

Schuultz 85

Shaw 126

Young 102

Zaun 188


Speeches before the third round of voting in #IAGOP #IA03

Five candidates remain and Robert Cramer was first to speak. He withdrew himself from contention and asked his supporters to vote their conscience and choose another candidate.  The delegates all got to their feet and applauded.

“Where were you earlier?” Cramer joked, getting laughter.

David Young was next to speak and revealed he first met Robert Cramer when his family moved to Johnston. Cramer was a nearly-next-door neighbor.

“He became my best friend,” Young said. “…I love you, brother.”

Young told the delegates they were at a crossroads “and I’m not talking about this convention here. I’m talking about this country.”

Young said President Obama is “slouching us toward tyranny.”

“It’s not enough to say we don t like this. We have to do something about it. I know how to do it,” young told the delegates.

Matt Schultz called Cramer a a good man” who ran “a great campaign.”

Schultz talked about his own faith and the “awesome experience of being a missionary” in Argentina for his church.

“That’s why I’m running for congress,” Schultz said. “I want to help people.””

“….Just look at me, I’m a fighter…whether it’s voter ID or election integrity, no matter what I’ve always stood up to be counted. I’ve never backed down,…and I’m not going to back down now,” he said.

Monte Shaw began his speech with a joke: “Glad you all came back from lunch.”

He again stressed the need to nominate a candidate in the district who can appeal to independents.

“Folks this is a swing district,” he said, predicting the election will turn on jobs and the economy.

Shaw warned independents can be won if “they’re not so upset by how you yelled at them.”

Brad Zaun praised the two competitors who are no longer in the race.”

I can tell you what, as a candidate…this is a bit stressful and I’ll tell you what it’ll be great preparation…to be able to take on the liberal agenda in Washington, D.C.,” Zaun said.

Zaun said his political credo is: “Never lose your cool. Always be in control.”

Zaun told delegates he’d only lost his cool once in the state senate, over the abortion issue.

“I will tell every one of you: I will spill my blood to save the unborn,” Zaun promised. “…You never have to guess where I am on the 2nd amendment.”

Voting commenced shortly after two o’clock.

Second Round of VOTING from #IAGOP #IA03 convention

Here’s the overall tally from the second round of voting today:

Zaun 157

Shaw 122

Schultz 88

Young 81

Cramer 60

Grandanette 2

Here are the vote totals from the counties:

Adair: Schultz 1, Young 1, Shaw 4

Adams: Shaw 2, Schultz 1

Cass: Schultz 4, Young 6, Shaw 1, Cramer 1

Dallas: Schultz 21, Young 10, Shaw 15, Cramer 2, Zaun 9

Fremont: Schultz 1, Shaw 2, Cramer 1, Zaun 1

Guthrie: Cramer 2, Shaw5, Young 2

Madison: Schultz 5, Shaw 2, Cramer 1, Young 1, Zaun 4

Mills: Young 1, Cramer 2, Zaun 4, Shaw 5

Montgomery: Cramer 2, Shaw 2, Young 1, Zaun 3

Page: Shaw 4, Cramer2, Zaun 6

Polk: Schultz 33, Young 32, Shaw 56, Grand 1, Cramer 41, Zaun 97

Pottawattamie: Schultz 17, Young 19, Shaw 7, Zaun 17

Ringgold: Shaw 2, Young 1, Zaun 1

Taylor: Cramer 2, Schultz 2, Shaw 1

Union: Young 2, Cramer 2, Shaw 4

Warren: Schultz 3, Young 5, Shaw 10, G 1, Cramer2, Zaun 15

Second round of speeches from #IAGOP #IA03 convention

Joe Grandanette, the sixth place finisher in the June 3 primary and the sixth place finisher here today, gave a brief speech, saying he wasn’t quitting.

“I’m the underdog,” Grandanette said. “Let the process take its place…This isn’t a kangaroo court.”

But Grandanette is out and he quit speaking without endorsing any of the five candidates who remain for the second round of voting.  Oops, my bad. They changed the rules and no candidate was dropped after the first round of voting.

“You’ve got a challenge in front of yourself,” Grandanette told the delegates. “God will have to guide you to who’s going to be the next congressman.”

The most interesting development among the speeches the candidates delivered before the second round of voting was that candidate Matt Schultz had his father give the pitch instead.

Robert Cramer, who finished second in the June 3 prarimy, argued the top three in that primary “should have an equal shot” at winning the nomination today.

“I am the only outsider in the race,” Cramer told delegates. “…I’m going to ask you to change your vote. I’m going to ask you to consolidate around me…It’s not about who is the best guy with the ‘rah rah’ in this crowd. It’s about who can win.”

David Young stressed his connection to Senator Grassley and attacked Staci Appel, the Democratic candidate in the district.

“She’s so liberal, she makes Nancy Pelosi look like a conservative,” Young said.

The big surprise was Matt Schultz had his father, Mark Schultz, speak on his behalf.

Monte Shaw stressed that he appeals to all sectors of the party. Brad Zaun noted his first place finish in the first round and quipped: “Now I’ve got to work over the rest of you.”

1st round of voting in #IAGOP #IA03 convention

Totals for first round:

Zaun 130

Shaw 118

Schultz 95

Young 86

Cramer 75

Grandanette 7

The delegates’ votes were announced, alphabetically, by county.

Adair County: Shaw 4; Schultz 1; Young 1

Adams County: Shaw 2, Schultz 1

Cass County: Young 5, Schultz 4, Shaw 2, Cramer 1

Dallas County: Cramer 2, Schultz 23, Shaw 15, Young 8, Zaun 9

Fremont County: Cramer 2, Schultz 1, Shaw 2

Guthrie County: Cramer 3, Shaw 5, Young 1

Madison County: Cramer 2, Shaw 2, Young 2, Zaun 2, Schultz 5

Mills County: Young 2, Cramer 2, Zaun 4, Shaw 4

Montgomery County: Cramer 2, Shaw 1, Young 2, Zaun 3

Page County: Cramer 3, Shaw 4, Young 1, Zaun 4

Polk County: Cramer 49, Grandanette 3, Schultz 35, Shaw 56, Young 36, Zaun 82

Pottawattamie County: Cramer 1, Grandanette 1, Schultz 18, Shaw 6, Young 21, Zaun 13

Ringgold Cramer 1, Shaw 2, Young 1

Taylor County: Cramer 2, Schultz 2, Shaw 1

Union County: Cramer 3, Shaw 4, Young 1

Warren County: Cramer 2, Grand 3, Schultz 5, Shaw 8, Young 5, Zaun 13