Proposed slate of 2016 RNC delegates from #IAGOP

A dozen Iowa Republican Party delegates to the Republican National Convention were elected in April at the party’s four congressional district conventions. A nominating committee was assembled in April as well, with representatives from each of those districts. That nominating committee came up with a slate of delegates (and alternates) for the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this July.  That slate will be voted upon Saturday at the Republican Party of Iowa’s state convention in Des Moines.

The list is below. It includes 2010 Republican Primary opponents Terry Branstad and Bob Vander Plaats. It also includes Ted Cruz’s Iowa campaign manager (Bryan English) and Jeff King (son of Congressman Steve King, who worked for Cruz Super PAC before the Caucuses). Steve King is also on the list. Iowa’s two U.S. Senators are NOT on the list, but both have indicated they will go to the convention to meet with Iowa delegates outside of the convention hall (likely at receptions, morning meetings at the delegation’s hotel).

Here’s the entire slate:

At Large Delegate Terry Branstad

At Large Delegate Linda Upmeyer

At Large Delegate Cody Hoefert

At Large Delegate Steve King

At Large Delegate Bob Vander Plaats

At Large Delegate Marlys Popma

At Large Delegate Robert Cramer

At Large Delegate Loras Schulte

At Large Delegate Richard Rogers

At Large Delegate Randy Feenstra

At Large Delegate Bill Anderson

At Large Delegate Cecil Stinemetz

At Large Delegate Carol Hanson

At Large Delegate Bryan English

At Large Delegate Kim Reynolds

At Large Alternate Joesph Brown

At Large Alternate Mary Dorin

At Large Alternate Linda Stickle

At Large Alternate Dennis Guth

At Large Alternate Rose Jaeger

At Large Alternate Donna Robinson

At Large Alternate Kay Quirk

At Large Alternate Maurice McWhirter

At Large Alternate Craig Williams

At Large Alternate David Oman

At Large Alternate Heather Stancil

At Large Alternate Jeff King

At Large Alternate Chelle Adkins

At Large Alternate Jennifer Smith

At Large Alternate Shellie Bockenstedt

Here’s more explanation/bio on these delegates: Upmeyer is the first woman to be elected as the speaker of the Iowa House. She endorsed Newt Gingrich before the 2012 Iowa Caucuses, but was neutral in the race leading up to the 2016 Caucuses.  David Oman served as Branstad’s chief of staff when Branstad was first elected governor in 1982.  Oman was a fundraiser for Jeb Bush. He’s also been a past co-chair of the Iowa GOP and he ran unsuccessfully for governor in 1998.

Randy Feenstra, Bill Anderson and Dennis Guth are state senators.

Robert Cramer is a businessman who ran unsuccessfully for congress in 2014 (David Young now holds that seat).  Cramer is on The Family Leader’s board of directors. Governor Branstad nominated him to serve on the Board of Regents a couple of years ago, but Democrats in the Iowa Senate refused to confirm him for the post.

Cody Hoefert is the co-chair of the Iowa GOP and Loras Schulte is a member of the party’s state central committee.

Marlys Popma has a long career in Iowa GOP politics. She worked on Phil Gramm’s 1996 campaign and worked for the Iowa GOP in 2000.  She was a Cruz person in 2016.



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