‘Substantial growth’ in voter registrations for both parties from #IACaucus

Today, Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate issued the following news release:

Final Voter Registration Data Report from Iowa Caucus

DES MOINES – Both the Republican Party of Iowa and the Iowa Democratic Party received substantial growth in their ranks during the past 75 days, much of which is directly attributable to the Iowa Caucuses. Iowa Democrats increased by 27,451. Iowa Republicans increased their ranks by 26,095.

“It’s very exciting to see so many Iowans engaged in the political process,” Secretary Pate said. “Clearly, these statistics show that Iowans care deeply about the direction and future of our country. They want to make their voices heard. I encourage every eligible Iowan to get involved in elections on every level, from the school board all the way to the White House.”

Many Iowans registered to vote or changed their party affiliation at their Caucus locations. County auditors across the state received thousands of voter registration forms from the parties after the Iowa Caucuses. They had 45 days to process those.


January 4
Democrats: 584,111
Republicans: 612,112
No Party: 726,819
Other: 7,555

March 15
Democrats: 611,562       (increase of 27,451)
Republicans: 638,207    (increase of 26,095)
No Party: 669,212           (decrease of 57,607)
Other: 6,511                      (decrease of 1,044)

Statewide, Republicans maintain a registration advantage of more than 26,000 voters over Democrats. Iowa Republicans have outnumbered Democrats since September 2013.

Many voters switched their party affiliation to participate in the Iowa Caucuses, with the split between the parties being almost equal. In terms of gross totals, 37,291 Iowans became Democrats and 37,217 became Republicans since January 1.

Change of Party Totals from January 1-March 15

     Democrat to Republican: 8,234

     Democrat to No Party: 3,077

     Democrat to Other: 113

     Republican to Democrat: 6,289

     Republican to No Party; 2,850

     Republican to Other: 143

     No Party to Democrat: 30,190

     No Party to Republican: 28,307

     No Party to Other: 263

     Other to Democrat: 812

     Other to Republican: 676

     Other to No Party: 92

The Iowa Caucus and the state’s new online voter registration system also attracted almost 24,000 newly registered voters.

New Voter Registrants from January 1-March 15
Democrat: 9,893
Republican: 7,398
No Party: 6,275
Other: 186
Total: 23,752

More than 8,600 Iowans have successfully used the state’s new electronic voter registration system since it’s launch on January 1. That includes new registrants and those that updated their registration. The system is housed on the Iowa Department of Transportation’s website and was built in cooperation with the Iowa Secretary of State’s Office.

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