Iowa GOP releases ‘certified’ results for 2016 #IACaucus

We didn’t have to wait as we did in 2012 (and find out a handful of precincts would never report).  The target was 48 hours this time around and the Iowa GOP has released its “canvas” of the precincts.  See below:

DES MOINES – The Iowa GOP released fully certified caucus results today, including the final delegate allocation.

1. Ted Cruz – 51,666
2. Donald Trump – 45,429
3. Marco Rubio – 43,228
4. Ben Carson – 17,394
5. Rand Paul – 8,481
6. Jeb Bush – 5,238
7. Carly Fiorina – 3,485
8. John Kasich – 3,474
9. Mike Huckabee – 3,345
10. Chris Christie – 3,284
11. Rick Santorum – 1,779
12. Other – 117
13. Jim Gilmore – 12
GRAND TOTAL – 186,932


The initial reporting process on February 1st was followed by an official certification process, relying on paper forms filled out, signed, and submitted to the Iowa GOP by each precinct chair. This process took more than two weeks in 2012, but through additional training and staff, we have cut certification time to under 48 hours. This final certified tally determines delegate apportionment.

Delegate Apportionment

Based on caucus results, and only if more than one candidate is placed into nomination at the Republican National Committee’s National Convention, Iowa will cast its 30 delegates accordingly:

Ted Cruz – 8
Donald Trump – 7
Marco Rubio – 7
Ben Carson – 3
Rand Paul – 1
Jeb Bush – 1
Carly Fiorina – 1
John Kasich – 1
Mike Huckabee – 1
Chris Christie – 0
Rick Santorum – 0
Jim Gilmore – 0

*Iowa’s delegates are only bound on the first ballot. If only one candidate is placed into nomination, the Iowa delegation will cast its entire vote for that person.

Statement from Chairman Jeff Kaufmann

It took years of preparation, thousands of volunteers, and hundreds of county trainings to make the 2016 caucuses a success, and this evening it is our pleasure to announce the final, certified results. Thank you to the record-breaking 187,000 Iowans who participated, our candidates, and the volunteers who made it possible. The Iowa caucuses represent the best of our democracy and serve an incredibly important role in keeping the men and women running for president grounded in the everyday issues of the American people.”

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