#IACaucus This Trump/Fox News debate thing reminds me…

I was at one of those things we call “cattle calls” early last year. I was having a conversation with a Republican activist during one of the breaks between speeches from the multitude of candidates who were to take the stage that day.

The person on the other end of the conversation raised the subject of Fox News.

“Don’t count me as a fan,” this activist said.

When I pressed for the reason behind that sentiment, the following was throw back: “Tell me what conservatives have gained since Fox News has existed.”

(Fox News has existed for nearly 20 years. It went on the air in October, 1996.)

Something akin to a rhetorical bill of particulars quickly followed that statement. Here is the rough draft I received:

  • Gay marriage is now legal in all 50 states
  • The federal government is drowning in red ink
  • Planned Parenthood is still receiving government funding and abortion is still legal
  • Barack Obama won twice
  • ObamaCare is still intact
  • “The establishment” is trying to cram immigration reform through congress

It was a signal the agitation fermenting among the Republican base was bubbling up as anger that would ultimately be aimed within the party’s sphere.

Much is being written and said elsewhere about Fox News viewership demographics, Trump’s decision and what it all means. This recollection of a conversation is a mere proton in the mass of physical matter being developed in reaction to Trump’s announcement this afternoon. Or maybe it’s a neutron.  You decide.

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