The 1st #IACaucus campaign speech of @TedCruz (from Aug, 2012)

How about another Saturday morning rewind, to 2012? Ted Cruz, the Texas Republican Party’s nominee for the U.S. Senate at the time, spoke to the Iowa delegation at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. He began with a joke about Joe Biden, then quickly talked about Iowa’s role in presidential politics.

“If there’s one thing Iowa understands, it’s grassroots politics,” Cruz said, to applause. “Let me tell you — on behalf of the other 49 states, let me take a moment to thank you for the role Iowa plays every four years in presidential politics because you don’t let someone come in on a fancy private jet, dump a whole bunch of money and just buy a presidential race.”

A few male voices in the room can be heard saying, “No, no,” and another says, “You’re right,” as the crowd applauds.

Cruz made those comments about the “fancy jet” the last week of August in 2012.

“Iowa insists every cycle that people come, candidates come and actually talk to the people and that is an incredible role. Each of you, I know, takes very seriously your job of starting that process for the nation and I think it’s critical for the nation.”

Cruz spoke of his own primary victory in 2012 over a well-known competitor, but then he pivoted back to presidential politics.

“Republicans get in trouble when we start thinking about whose turn it is. That doesn’t have a good history of working out for us,” Cruz said, to applause. “Elections are supposed to be about the people and I want to thank each of you for your role in making sure that’s the case every four years.”

AUDIO of Cruz’s speech, 19:00


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