AUDIO: @TerryBranstad v @SteveKingIA on @TedCruz & the RFS

Governor Terry Branstad fired a shot this morning. Branstad said he wants to see Ted Cruz lose the Iowa Caucuses.  AUDIO of Branstad talking about Cruz, ethanol & the Caucuses.

“Ted Cruz, who’s ahead in the polls, is diametrically opposed to what we really care about and that is growing the opportunity for renewable fuels in this country. Iowa leads the nation in ethanol, biodiesel and wind energy,” Branstad said during a news conference. “He, by the way, is against the wind energy tax credit as well.”

Congressman Steve King has endorsed Cruz and responded early this afternoon during a conversation with a group of reporters. “That’s a de facto endorsement of Trump,” King said of Branstad.  King also criticized Eric Branstad, the governor’s son, who is working for a group that’s urging Iowans to Caucus on the RFS issue. AUDIO of King, 12:00ish

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