AUDIO from the #IA03 nominating convention

If you want to relive the day or hear how it all transpired, I’ve posted audio from the speeches the candidates (or their designee) gave this past Saturday at the Iowa Republican Party’s third congressional district nominating convention at Des Moines Christian High School in Urbandale.  The “mult box” which provides an audio feed from the sound system did not work.  The first few audio files are “wild sound” from the room. The last several are audio files from a recorder I was able to place on the lectern, however many of the candidates took the microphone and roamed around the stage, so that audio isn’t crystal clear either.

AUDIO of first round of speeches before first round of voting. After the delegates’ ballots were counted, the candidates finished in this order: Brad Zaun 130, Monte Shaw 118, Matt Schultz 95, David Young 86, Robert Cramer 75 & Joe Grandanette 7.

AUDIO of second round of speeches before second round of voting. For some reason, the lowest vote-getter in the first round was not tossed out, so Grandanette’s is the first voice you hear.  In the second round, the candidates finished in this order: Zaun 157; Shaw 122; Schultz 88; Young 81; Cramer 60; Grandanette 2.

AUDIO of third round of speeches before third round of voting. Cramer was the first to speak, and he took himself out of contention.  In the third round, the candidates finished in this order: Zaun 188; Shaw 126; Young 102; Schultz 85.

AUDIO of fourth round of speeches before fourth round of voting. Although Schultz had been dropped from this round of voting, Young gave Schultz a chance to speak — and Schultz asked delegates who had voted for him to support Young. In the fourth round, the candidates finished in this order: Zaun 206; Young 171; Shaw 120.

AUDIO of fifth round of speeches before fifth and FINAL round of voting.  The final tally: Young 276, Zaun 221

Click here to listen to Young’s speech to delegates after he had been announced as the winner.

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