Young and Zaun make their final pitches

David Young spoke first.

“I have solutions. I want to be at the table,” Young said, then delivered his best campaign line: “I don’t want to blow up the governemt, but I do have a stick and I want to whack it.”

“… know who my boss is. It’s not John Boehner…or Eric Cantor…My boss is you. You have the power hire me. You have the power to fire and I respect you immensely,” Young told the delegates.

Brad Zaun quipped as he began: “I just have to say for one second, I wish my speech teacher from high school could see me now because if I could recall my grade wasn’t an A — but I’ve improved somewhat.”

Zaun again stressed that he was the top vote-getter on June 3.

“I ask you to consider this. the people spoke on June 3. They did put me in first. Please put that in consideration. I also have been in first place all day long,” Zaun said.

Zaun listed some of his top campaign issues — term limits, ObamaCare, tax reduction, then concluded: “I have ran a positive campaign…I’m asking the Monte people to please consider me.”

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About O.Kay Henderson

O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.