Speeches before the third round of voting in #IAGOP #IA03

Five candidates remain and Robert Cramer was first to speak. He withdrew himself from contention and asked his supporters to vote their conscience and choose another candidate.  The delegates all got to their feet and applauded.

“Where were you earlier?” Cramer joked, getting laughter.

David Young was next to speak and revealed he first met Robert Cramer when his family moved to Johnston. Cramer was a nearly-next-door neighbor.

“He became my best friend,” Young said. “…I love you, brother.”

Young told the delegates they were at a crossroads “and I’m not talking about this convention here. I’m talking about this country.”

Young said President Obama is “slouching us toward tyranny.”

“It’s not enough to say we don t like this. We have to do something about it. I know how to do it,” young told the delegates.

Matt Schultz called Cramer a a good man” who ran “a great campaign.”

Schultz talked about his own faith and the “awesome experience of being a missionary” in Argentina for his church.

“That’s why I’m running for congress,” Schultz said. “I want to help people.””

“….Just look at me, I’m a fighter…whether it’s voter ID or election integrity, no matter what I’ve always stood up to be counted. I’ve never backed down,…and I’m not going to back down now,” he said.

Monte Shaw began his speech with a joke: “Glad you all came back from lunch.”

He again stressed the need to nominate a candidate in the district who can appeal to independents.

“Folks this is a swing district,” he said, predicting the election will turn on jobs and the economy.

Shaw warned independents can be won if “they’re not so upset by how you yelled at them.”

Brad Zaun praised the two competitors who are no longer in the race.”

I can tell you what, as a candidate…this is a bit stressful and I’ll tell you what it’ll be great preparation…to be able to take on the liberal agenda in Washington, D.C.,” Zaun said.

Zaun said his political credo is: “Never lose your cool. Always be in control.”

Zaun told delegates he’d only lost his cool once in the state senate, over the abortion issue.

“I will tell every one of you: I will spill my blood to save the unborn,” Zaun promised. “…You never have to guess where I am on the 2nd amendment.”

Voting commenced shortly after two o’clock.

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O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.