Second round of speeches from #IAGOP #IA03 convention

Joe Grandanette, the sixth place finisher in the June 3 primary and the sixth place finisher here today, gave a brief speech, saying he wasn’t quitting.

“I’m the underdog,” Grandanette said. “Let the process take its place…This isn’t a kangaroo court.”

But Grandanette is out and he quit speaking without endorsing any of the five candidates who remain for the second round of voting.  Oops, my bad. They changed the rules and no candidate was dropped after the first round of voting.

“You’ve got a challenge in front of yourself,” Grandanette told the delegates. “God will have to guide you to who’s going to be the next congressman.”

The most interesting development among the speeches the candidates delivered before the second round of voting was that candidate Matt Schultz had his father give the pitch instead.

Robert Cramer, who finished second in the June 3 prarimy, argued the top three in that primary “should have an equal shot” at winning the nomination today.

“I am the only outsider in the race,” Cramer told delegates. “…I’m going to ask you to change your vote. I’m going to ask you to consolidate around me…It’s not about who is the best guy with the ‘rah rah’ in this crowd. It’s about who can win.”

David Young stressed his connection to Senator Grassley and attacked Staci Appel, the Democratic candidate in the district.

“She’s so liberal, she makes Nancy Pelosi look like a conservative,” Young said.

The big surprise was Matt Schultz had his father, Mark Schultz, speak on his behalf.

Monte Shaw stressed that he appeals to all sectors of the party. Brad Zaun noted his first place finish in the first round and quipped: “Now I’ve got to work over the rest of you.”

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