1st round of candidate speeches at #IA03 nominating convention

Shortly before 11 o’clock on this Saturday morning the six candidates who were nominated for consideration of the 513 delegates at the third congressional district convention began speaking. Matt Schultz, Iowa’s secretary of state was first. His campaign color is red and supporters at this event are carrying posters in the shape of stop signs.

“We need somebody who will stop Washington,” Schultz said several times during his speech.

He also drew chuckles from the crowd when, as one of his kids standing with him on the stage ventured to the edge, Schultz advised: “Don’t jump off.”

David Young was the second candidate to speak.  Young drew lots of laughter with this line: “Washington, D.C. has become Hollywood for ugly people.”

Young also touted his work as Senator Grassley’s chief of staff. “We cannot risk sending someone to Washington who has not been tested,” Young said.

Monte Shaw was the third to speak. Based on the applause meter, Shaw appears to have a good share of support in the room. Many are wearing yellow campaign t-shirts.

“We need a candidate who knows how to listen here in Iowa, but then be heard in Washington, D.C.,” Shaw said.

Shaw also reminded the delegates that Barack Obama won the 3rd district in 2012.

“We need to put forward the strongest possible candidate for the General Election,” Shaw said.

Joe Grandanette, the last place finisher in the June 3 primary, was the fourth candidate to speak.

“I’m not asking you to vote for me. I want you to vote for me,” Grandanette said.

Robert Cramer was the next candidate to speak. His campaign staff won the sign war outside, as the boulevard leading to the convention site was lined on both sides with Cramer campaign signs.

Cramer shared her personal biography, discussed his “biblical world view” and stressed the “and is better than either” message he employed during the primary campaign.

“I’m a business owner AND a conservative,” Cramer said.

Cramer touted his second-place finish in the primary, his ability raise money and assemble a campaign staff.

“I may not be the loudest voice you’ll hear today…but I won’t back down,” Cramer said. “…I’ll run a campaign that you’ll be proud of.”

Brad Zaun, the first place finisher in the June 3 primary, was last to speak before the first round of voting.

Zaun said he and his wife had visited 450 homes in the past couple of weeks, trying to meet face-to-face with delegates.

“This is an incredible journey,” Zaun said, calling his competitors “high caliber candidates.”

Zaun recounted his personal history and asked the delegates to “consider what happened on June 3” — his first place finish.

“The beauty with me is you know me. I am battle tested,” Zaun said.

Voting commenced at 11:34 a.m.













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