2016 Iowa Caucus date? February 1

The Iowa Democratic Party issued the following statement this afternoon:

Des Moines – The Rules and Bylaws Committee of the Democratic National Committee today set February 1, 2016 as the proposed date for the 2016 Iowa Caucuses.  Under the proposed rules, Iowa will maintain its First in the Nation status to be followed by New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina.  This calendar falls within the framework the Republican National Committee set forth during their February meeting, and the recommended dates will be sent for approval to the full DNC later this year.

“Following years of tradition, the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee proposed Iowa remain First in the Nation and kick off the presidential nominating season on February 1, 2016,” said Iowa Democratic Party Chair Scott Brennan. “This proposal helps ensure the vitality of the caucuses and we thank the Rules and Bylaws Committee for their recognition of the special role Iowa plays – along with our fellow early states of New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina – in selecting our next president.

“The Iowa caucuses will continue to remain a neighborhood gathering where friends and neighbors from all different backgrounds come together to fight for the values that are important to our communities and moving our state and country forward.  Iowa Democrats believe this country is greater when we work together and give everyone the opportunity to participate in open, fair and accessible elections, and our caucuses will continue to be a reflection of that commitment.”

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