In IA today, Gov. Perry says he’ll come to IA earlier if he runs in ’16 (AUDIO)

Texas Governor Rick Perry is having lunch right now in Dos Rios, a downtown Des Moines restaurant, with a group of people invited to the table by Americans for Prosperity.  Perry spoke with reporters shortly after entering the room.  Listen to the AUDIO of the 6:24 minute event.

Perry was asked if he’s in Iowa to reintroduce himself to Iowans, what he’d do differently if he runs in 2016 and whether Anita Perry is encouraging him to run.  Here’s the transcript:

Question from me: What’s your objective here today, to reintroduce yourself to Iowans after your last campaign?

Perry: “Well, I think they already know who I am. This was an invitation that they asked me to come to the Polk County GOP dinner tonight, so we’re trying not only to address that group, but also with Mark (Lucas, of Americans for Prosperity) and to come back at his invitation to meet with some of his leadership here, so I’m really intrigued with the concept of having a civil discussion across this country with the citizens of the state, with governors and legislators for that matter, about this red state/blue state concept. There was a group created called Americans for Economic Freedom, it’s a 501c4 that I’m associated with that’s helping to drive that message out there and it’s one that I do believe for the future of this country that we should sit down as citizens and say, ‘You know, which one of these policies really put our citizens in the best position to take care of their families?’ I happen to think it’s the red state policy, if you will, of having a tax structure that is as light as it can be on the job creators and a regulatory climate that’s fair and predictable, a legal system that doesn’t allow for over-suing and that skilled workforce. Americans will be happier, I think, if the states are allowed to compete against each other rather than this one-size-fits-all. If ObamaCare is any example of that, that here’s an example of Washington’s centralized decision-making, at this juncture I think most Americans would say that is not a position that’s good for their families. It’s certainly not a good position economically and at this particular point in time ObamaCare is a failure.”

Question from AP’s Thomas Beaumont: If you do run again, what would you do differently than you did in 2012?

Perry: “Well, I would do a number of things differently, I guess, since we were not successful, I would suggest there are some other things that we would do differently, but I have no idea what I’m going to do, so to theorize about how I would, what I would do differently is a bit premature.”

Beaumont: You’re in Iowa sooner than you were two and three years ago.

Perry: “That would certainly be one of the things I would do differently is come here.” (Laughter from the throng surrounding Perry.)

Question from Des Moines Register columnist Kathie Obradovich: Anita encouraged you to run last time. How does she feel about the idea of doing this all over again?

Perry: “Anita is still a very concerned American, a concerned parent and she loves this country as do I and I would suggest to you I would not make a major move in my life without consulting her. Thank you all for coming and being with me.”

The news media was ushered out of the room and Perry sat down for lunch with the invited Iowans.

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