“If we focus on substance, the politics will take care of itself,” Cruz says of ’16 (AUDIO)

Texas Senator Ted Cruz held a news conference moments ago in the basement of the Iowa Republican Party’s headquarters.  If you think politicians who know the details of their upcoming Iowa travel schedule are seriously considering a White House run, then Cruz is in that category as he knows exactly when he will return — in August.

Cruz was asked if he’s “putting serious thought” into running in 2016. “I’ve been in office all of seven months. Prior to that, the last elected office I held was student council. It has been quite the whirlwind,” Cruz told reporters.

After a few more sentences, reporters asked: Was that a yes or a no?

“I recognize that in the media everything likes to be put through a political lens,” he began, then tossed in the fact that he’s been “to over a dozen states” since he took office in January.

“We just had a presidential race a few months ago. I’ll tell you as a voter, I think it’s premature to decide who we should support and I’ll tell you for me as a citizen and a voter who I will support in 2016 is whoever is standing up and leading…whoever is effectively making the argument to the American people that there is another road that we can go down…to return to the prosperity and opportunity this country was built on. That’s what we should be looking at and right now the senate is the battlefield…and if we focus on substance, the politics will take care of itself,” Cruz said, then the eight-minute event was over.

AUDIO of Ted Cruz news conference in Des Moines.

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