Rubio warns of “more violent” world if America not supreme (AUDIO)

Florida Senator Marco Rubio closed his speech in Altoona, Iowa, this evening with a warming that a “darker and harder, probably more violent” world may be ahead if America falls from its place as the world’s economic super power.

“If America declines, if the power of our example is dimmed, what takes its place? The answer is nothing takes its place…What’s at stake here is not just our country, it’s the way life is on this planet. That’s worth fighting for and what that means to me is that we need to do a better job of going out and convincing our fellow Americans who perhaps don’t see things the way we do that free enterprise and limited government is the best way forward for them.”

Rubio told the crowd of Republicans that is “not going to be a hard argument for us to make, but we have to make it.” 

He concluded by saying he’s not had a chance to discuss his post-election views in public. “I’m just grateful you gave me a chance to share this with you today. I haven’t had a chance to speak, other than in my home, after the election, and even that’s been limited,” Rubio said, with a laugh.

Listen to his whole speech here.

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