Rubio blasts politicians promising “big government” (AUDIO)

Florida Senator Marco Rubio spoke for about 24 minutes to a crowd gathered in Altoona, Iowa, this evening for a fundraiser for Governor Terry Branstad.  The connection speed here is s l o w, so I’ll be back later with the audio.

AUDIO of Rubio’s speech.

Rubio, at about 18 minutes into his speech, started addressing the 2012 election, saying that among Republicans there is “a lot of frustration about the outcome of the election.”

Here’s the core of his message: “Others have suggested that maybe the American electorate has changed, that what people want from govt now is they’re just going to vote for whoever promises them more. I don’t believe that’s true…

“…I think that most people are like my parents. All they want is a job that pays them enough money so they can buy a house, take their kids on a trip every once in a while…and leave their kids better off than themselves. They problem is that those jobs aren’t being created as fast as they once were and too many of them don’t have the skills to do the jobs that are being created.

“…I don’t think that’s changed. I think what’s happened, unfortunately, is that there are those that have made promises to them who have told them: ‘You know, if we have more govt, a bigger govt program that does this or if you allowed us to tax one group of people more so we can pay for services for another group of people.'”

“…Here’s the truth: Big govt doesn’t…help the people who are trying to make it. It hurts them everywhere and every time it’s ever been tried. Big govt crushes the people who are trying to get ahead.”

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