It’s Election Eve in Iowa! (AUDIO)

GOP VP nominee Paul Ryan just rallied with about a thousand Republicans in what turned out to be a very warm airplane hangar at the Des Moines Airport.  A steady stream of Democrats are making their way into the “East Village” of Des Moines at this hour for a rally featuring “The Boss” followed by POTUS. It’s billed as President Obama’s final campaign rally.

The stage is set near the corner of Locus Street and East 4th (the Obama ’08 HQ was on this corner, next to Baby Boomers).  The statehouse is in full view toward the east on Locus Street — and, as you can see, it’s lit for the event (and that camera shot).

I’ll be tweeting later.  Putting gloves back on for a few minutes in the interim.

UPDATE:  Read about and listen to the rallies here (full audio of Obama’s speech, Springsteen’s remarks & Ryan’s speech at that link).

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O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.