The windy talons from “Isaac” sweep the Treasure Island beach

The Iowa delegation’s hotel at the Republican National Convention is the Sunset Vistas Beachfront Suites on Treasure Island, a drive of about 45-minutes-to-an-hour from the convention location in downtown Tampa. (FYI: one-way cab fare is $80; roundtrip $160.) To the right is the view of the descending sun, shortly before 7 o’clock eastern this evening. There wasn’t much of a sunset vista this evening. Tropical Storm/ Hurricane Isaac has largely left the Tampa Bay area unscathed, however. There have been no power outages here at the hotel, so I have not had to use the transitor radio or the crank-powered flashlight that I packed for the trip. The back-up battery for the laptop is at the ready, however. 

The Iowa delegation’s “morning breakfast” on this Monday was at the The Club on Treasure Island, a swanky place.  A light rain was falling in the area in the eight o’clock hour, but by the time the event concluded at about 10:30, the sun was shining.

It has rained periodically ever since. The view at right is of the boardwalk that leads from the Beachfront Suites to the beach. A few folks, some in bikinis, have been roaming the sand and venturing into the water, but there is presently no one on the swatch of beachfront I can see from my vista out of my fifth floor suite.


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