Paul Ryan speaks @ Iowa State Fair (AUDIO)

AUDIO of Paul Ryan’s 12-minute speech at Iowa State Fair.

Mitt Romney’s running mate, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, spoke to a large crowd at the Iowa State Fair this afternoon. Like Romney last year at the Fair, Ryan was interrupted by protesters. 

“I heard that President Obama is starting his bus tour and I heard he wasn’t going to come to the Iowa State Fair,” Ryan said near the beginning of his remarks, then the protesters started.

After a few seconds, Ryan said: “It’s funny because Iowans and Wisconsinites, we like to be respectful of one another…These ladies must not be from Iowa or Wisconsin.”

There was a bit more hubub, then Ryan tried again: “My guess is the reason President Obama isn’t making it here from Council Bluffs ’cause he only knows left turns.”

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About O.Kay Henderson

O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.