RNC member Kim Lehman will not seek reelection

In a surprise announcement, Kim Lehman — the Iowa GOP’s national committeewoman on the RNC — has announced she will not seek reelection at the State Convention on June 16.  Lehman won her first and now only term in 2008.  Sandy Greiner, a long-time legislator and a key backer of Terry Branstad’s 2010 bid for a fifth term, was Lehman’s chief opponent in 2008. I’ve got a call out to see if Greiner will run for the committeewoman’s slot.

Here’s Lehman’s announcement:

Fellow Republicans,
I have decided that I will not seek a second term as Iowa’s Republican National Committeewoman.  After much prayer I now feel called to dedicate my time to the John Paul II Stem Cell Research Institute’s Give Cures campaign.  It’s focus is on ethical cures for cancer and many other diseases using adult stem cell research.  Learn more at www.GiveCures.org  (my little plug).
There are a lot of thank you’s in order, so let me begin by thanking my Chairman Reince Priebus, who has been a great blessing to the RNC, partly due to his hard work, but mostly due to the fact that he is wise man and a very good leader.  I also want to thank Co-Chairman Sharon Day.
Thank you to all the grassroots activists in Iowa and all my dear friends on the RNC and at RPI.  You have inspired me and I am humbled to have been able to get to know you and serve with you.
Wow! Looking back four years, it amazes me how much we were able to accomplish.  We were able to pass some very good resolutions, some of which were:
       Opposition to Bail Outs
       Democrats March to Socialism
       The Life Issue a Fundamental Foundation
       Resolution on Cap and Trade
       Resolution Opposing the National Popular Vote
       Resolution Opposing the UN Agenda 21 
       Resolution in Support of Arizona
       Resolution to Abandon Earmarks
       Resolution in Support of Good Governance
       Resolution to Reform the Obama Policy on Appointing Czars
       Resolution to Repeal Obamacare
       Resolution to Support Israel
       Resolution to Keep US Missile Technology from China
       Resolution Urging Protection of Second Amendment Rights
I will also be stepping down from the new organization I helped found called “Republican’s Opposed the National Popular Vote” (ROTNPV).  I’m confident my good friends Debbie Joslin, John Ryder, Carolyn McLarty, John Sigler and Solomon Yue will finish the job.
It has been a blessing to serve the RNC and I look forward to Tampa, as well as meeting Iowa’s new State Central Committee members.
Your friend,
Kim Lehman, IA
Republican National Committeewoman, IA

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