Iowa GOP sends out fundraising appeal based on reaction to walk-out

Iowa GOP chairman A.J. Spiker sent out the fundraising appeal below via email. It was sent about seven minutes before House Democratic Leader Kevin McCarthy announced he and the other 39 Democrats in the Iowa House had returned to the statehouse.

The Second Amendment is Dangerous!

Or at least that is what you would think after 40 Democrats walked out of the Iowa House today in protest of legislation protecting second amendment rights of Iowans.  Please continue reading below, but before you do please contribute $40 today, $1 for each Democrat who walked out on the 2nd Amendment!! 

Today, Iowa House Democrats sent a loud and clear message: YOUR Constitutional rights are NOT their priority.  In a cowardly move, the Democrats walked out of the Capitol building to avoid a debate on your gun rights!

These two bills, each designed to defend Iowans’ right to bear arms, were scheduled for debate this afternoon.   The first bill amends the Iowa Constitution to include an explicit right to bear arms and the second strengthens your right to self-defense.  It is clear that Democrats are afraid to address the tough issues, afraid to debate a subject they don’t like, and afraid to stand up for your rights.  

House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, called this kind of protection “extreme” and commented that enacting these laws would turn Iowa into the “Wild, Wild West.”  Today, Democrats made it very clear where they stand on the second amendment.

Democrats view the elections in November as an opportunity to gain control of the Iowa Legislature.  Iowans deserve a government that works and representatives willing to work for us!  Please help lay the groundwork for victory in November 2012 and contribute $40 –$1 for every Democrat who walked off the job today – to help YOUR Republican Party of Iowa fight to elect Republican leadership!

In Liberty,
A.J. Spiker

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