Iowa Democratic Party chair reacts to House walk-out over gun rights

Here’s the first installment of this story, then the second.  Now, the Iowa Democratic Party’s chair has issued a statement. Read it below.

DES MOINES – Iowa Democratic Party Chairwoman Sue Dvorsky released the following statement today after House Republicans attempted to abuse their power by breaking an agreement with Democrats and forcing a debate on two of the most extreme gun bills in Iowa history:
“The House Republicans have shown time and again that they are unwilling to govern in a manner that gets results and moves Iowa forward. Their abuse of power this morning shows that they are more concerned about breaking the rules in order to push through dangerous bills than work with Democrats to create jobs, grow our economy, and support education in this state.
“The two bills brought up for debate today are opposed by law enforcement and should be opposed by any Iowan who is committed to public safety. House Republicans have once again mistaken their majority in the House as a blank check to focus on an extreme agenda and abuse their power, instead of play by the rules and work towards a stronger Iowa.
“The House Democrats have absolutely done the right thing by refusing to allow House Republicans to misuse their power in this manner.”

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