House Dems return; ready to debate “extreme” gun bills (audio)

House Democratic Leader Kevin McCarthy just held a news conference to announce House Democrats have returned to the capitol and are ready to debate the “extremist” gun bills House Republicans favor.  AUDIO of five-minute event.

McCarthy: “This morning we found out, mid-morning, that they intended to alter the Iowa Constitution today to eliminate all gun laws…not through legislation, but through altering the Constitution…We wanted to buy some needed time. We left in protest so that there could be some openness and some transparency and some sunlight on this issue that is very, very extreme…We’re going to go up and we’ll have a debate so people know what kind of agenda House Republicans are pursuing.

“…We have a right to caucus off campus. There’s no rule prohibiting it and we had a good, healthy, productive caucus today to buy some time so there can be some sunlight on this very extreme proposal that they’ll be pursing probably later today.”

“…I think the vast majority of Democrats support the United States Constitutional right to bear arms. We also believe that public safety is very, very important and there must be a balance. Recent public (opinion) poll showed that most Iowans feel our current gun laws are adequate.”

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