Obama says 2012 Iowa GOP Caucus campaign made him “nostalgic”

President Obama just began speaking in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  “It is wonderful to be back here in Iowa,” he said.”I know there’s been a lot of excitement here over the past couple of months. It  kind of made me nostalgic,” Obama said. The crowd laughed. “I used to have a lot of fun here in Iowa. I remember a great backyard barbecue out in Marion way back in 2007. Good burgers. I did not have as much gray hair back then, but you know when I think about all the days I spent in Iowa, so much of my presidency, so much about what I care about, so much about what I think about every day has to do with the conversations that I had with you in people’s backyards, VFW halls, you know, those conversations I carry with me. All across this state in all 99 counties, and I was in, I think, just about every county, we talked about for years how the middle class was having a tougher time.  Hard work had stopped paying off for too many people.”

Obama then began talking about the themes he stressed during his “State of the Union” speech last night and after a few minutes he mentioned Conveyor Manufacturing and Engineering, the company that’s playing host to him today.

“We have a huge opportunity to help companies like this,” Obama said.

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About O.Kay Henderson

O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.