Huckabee: cutting foreign aid to Africa “would be a disaster” (audio)

This is the third in a series of posts about a conversation I had this morning with Mike Huckabee (here’s post one and post two).  Huckabee called into the Radio Iowa newsroom to send a message to Iowa Caucus-goers. He’s involved in the One campaign (You saw the F-word video, right? The F word is famine)  and Huckabee argues U.S. aid to the African continent pays dividends now and will in the future.

Cutting foreign aid “would be a disaster not just for the African children, it’s really a disaster for America,” according to Huckabee.

“If America wants to be known only as a country that puts bombs in neighborhoods, then that’s one thing,” Huckabee said. “But I think America also wants to be known as a country that puts food in the mouths of children in extreme poverty.”

AUDIO of that portion of the interview.

Here’s a transcript of part of his answer:

“One of the things that conservatives need to do is be on the front end, not the back end, of showing leadership when it comes to what true conservatism is really about. I can’t think of anything more worth keeping than the lives of human beings and so what the One campaign is all about is just simply saying this is consistent with conservative values and principles, not only for the obvious benefit to the recipients but for the strategic benefit to the United States so that as children grow up their image, their vision, their understanding of who Americans are is that Americans are the ones who saved our lives and Americans are the ones that our friends.

“That’s important because Africa is going to be the largest continent in population within another generation or so, eclipsing China. When that happens, I think Americans would have enough sense to realize it’s best that we have good relationships with these African nations, not relationships where they wish that we didn’t exist.”

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  1. The future of the world and the start and/or outcome of WWIII will be determined within the next 3 hours in Iowa at the caucuses. Will Iowa nominate an Obama clone like Romney who flip flops and foisted Romneycare onto Massachusetts or another candidate who is ready to nuke Iran on day 1 of his presidency? Or will they nominate a level headed fiscal conservative who doesn’t believe America has the right to murder anyone with whom they disagree with on various opinions. Doesn’t everyone deserve nuclear power plants? Doesn’t everyone deserve not to have foreign governments commanding unmanned drones to drop accidently bombs on your children? Who cares if 60 AL-queda leaders were killed when thousands of innocents died as collateral damage? Are we so blind as to think that accidently bombing people’s children won’t create insurgents? Let us just get a little bit real, huh? Who would Jesus Bomb? The sixth commandment is a bitch, hmm??