Group of pastors calls Bachmann a “Biblically-qualified” leader (audio)

“We come here this morning to ask Christians across Iowa to support Michele Bachmann…We have determined that Michele Bachmann is Biblically-qualified to be the president, to be a leader. She is capable. She is trustworthy. She fears God and she hates dishonest gain.” — Danny Carroll, 12.13.11

Former State Rep. Danny Carroll of Grinnell

A group of pastors, plus former State Representative Danny Carroll of Grinnell, publicly endorsed GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann this morning.

Carroll, the former Speaker Pro Tem, was the #3 Republican in the Iowa House.  He also was a leading voice in the 2010 campaign to vote three Iowa Supreme Court justices off the court.  Carroll used to be on The Family Leader’s board of directors, but he left that post about a year ago.  He’s been a private contractor, serving as the group’s lobbyist at the statehouse.  AUDIO of the news conference runs 20 minutes.

“It’s time to decide,” Carroll said to open the press conference, praising Bachmann’s “no-compromise” attitude. Carroll and the group of pastors will travel the state for three days to hold news conferences to explain their endorsement.

“Frankly, we’re looking to shake things up a little bit,” he said.

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About O.Kay Henderson

O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.


  1. This makes me sick. As a Christian, and a supporter of Constitutionally assured gay rights, it makes me ashamed to know that Christians are so ready to turn a blind eye to the Constitution when voting. This is not a Christian nation, and was not founded on Christian principles- by a group of men that were, for the most part, deists, atheists, and agnostics. When endorsing a candidate, there should be no argument as to whether the person is biblically qualified. It is whether they are Constitutionally qualified. That is what matters, that is what’s legal.

  2. In other words, they endorse the person who is the most superstitious–the person who has the strongest belief in supernatural beings and supernatural places. This is no different than an African tribe voting for their witch doctor to become chief because he has the strongest beliefs.

  3. You may lie about history but you cannot change it. Our founding fathers were almost to a man, Christians. We have their writings, their books, their personal notes, and their meeting minutes. The evidence is overwhelming. You are either terribly ignorant or tragic liars. They did not support “gay” rights they spoke of God given unalienable rights. They said that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. I’ve read the Creator’s book … couldn’t find “gay” rights in there. So the founders didn’t say, didn’t write it; the Creator didn’t provide for “gay” rights. In fact he called it an abomination. So having to choose between the country of our founders and people like Michele Bachmann, and the nut house that is San Francisco – I’ll take the former.