Romney blasts Obama’s vacation plans (audio)

During a tele-town hall this evening, GOP presidential Mitt Romney criticized President Obama’s plan to spend “17 days in Hawaii.”

AUDIO of Romney’s entire rap on the Hawaii trip. 51 sec

“I just think it’s time to have a president whose idea of ‘hands on’ does not mean getting a better grip on the golf club,” Romney said.

UPDATE:  Iowa Democrats snapped back with this:

Mitt Romney’s new campaign slogan may be “earn it,” but on the campaign trail he’s just phoning-it-in. Today, Romney held a fundraiser at his mansion in San Diego and a ‘Tele-town hall’ with voters where he phoned in an attack on the President. As Governor, Romney spent 212 days of his last year as governor outside Massachusetts. With Romney phoning-it-in so much, it’s little wonder that Massachusetts ranked 47th out of 50 in job creation on his watch.

Citing a Salon article, Iowa Democrats say Romney spent 212 days of his last year as governor outside of Massachusetts, visiting nearly 40 states in that year. Romney was chairman of the National Governors Association and gearing up a run for the White House.

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