Gingrich: raised more money yesterday than in July (audio)

Many Iowa Republicans who supported Mike Huckabee in 2008 lament that he didn’t have the resources ($$$) to be competitive beyond the early states, and Huckabee himself talked about the importance of fundraising for 2012 were he to run again.  Here’s what Huckabee said in Nov., 2010:

“I’m probably going to give more weight to (fundraising) this time than I did before because I understand far better than I can even begin to tell you how tough it is to run a campaign on fumes, without fuel,” he said.

During an interview with Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich late this afternoon, I asked if he had the resources to go the distance.

“We raised more money yesterday than we raised in July and that’s true probably four days a week now and people are flocking to the campaign, so we’re getting a lot of folks coming in who wouldn’t have been for us six months ago, but suddenly (are) and I think today’s Rasmussen poll will probably accelerate that,” Gingrich said. “So what I can assure people is that we will be competitive everywhere. I assume Romney will out-spend us, just because he has huge assets — you know, without spending his own money he has huge assets — but I don’t think he’ll out-spend us enough to be definitive…We have a different challenge. We have to get up to sufficiency and I think if we get up to sufficiency we get our message out and that will happen in every state. The other thing, as you’ve seen, is we just generate immense amounts of earned media and, well, that’s not going to stop.”

AUDIO: from the Radio Iowa interview, of that passage above.

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