Ron Paul video casts Gingrich as flipper

Ron Paul’s campaign has been producing some movie-trailer-quality videos and tonight it has released a video which attacks rival Newt Gingrich for “serial hypocrisy.”

According to an email from the Paul campaign, the ad will be distributed via “a far-reaching email list of conservative voters nationally, including in key early voting states.”  The campaign will also “purchase banner ads on national and state websites where conservative readers congregate.”

“Our campaign is making a bold move to debunk the myth that the Newt we are seeing on the 2012 campaign trail is the conservative he has been touted to be all along.  This step we are taking is necessary, as voters are seeking authenticity among conservatives who are able to show a decades-long career of consistently walking the walk of Constitutional principles, limited government, and promoting sound money and economic policy. Ron Paul is the only Republican presidential candidate with that record,” said Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton.

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About O.Kay Henderson

O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.


  1. If Newt Gingrich ends up being the grassroots alternative to Mitt Romney, it’s safe to say that the tea party is dead. Besides maybe Rick Santorum, there is no more anti-tea party (think anti-conservative) candidate in the bunch. Does Iowa know who Newt Gingrich is??? Since he left Washington, he’s become the consummate insider make $$$millions off his relationships inside the beltway! A total hypocrite!

    This man will tell you all you like to hear about values and the principles that made America great, but read his writings. He’s a liberal, who packages his ideas using conservative rhetoric. As soon as Republican voters took Donald Trump seriously, I should have learned that the average GOPer hasn’t learned a thing in all these years….