Frank Luntz promises no gotcha questions, bells, buzzers or whistles

About 10 minutes before the Thanksgiving Family Forum featuring six GOP presidential candidates got underway, political consultant Frank Luntz — the moderator tonight — spoke to the crowd.  “This is probably one of the most important day in my life,” Luntz said, adding he wants the people in the room and those watching or listening at home to “understand what’s in these people’s hearts.”

Luntz got applause for promising no bells, buzzers or whistles. “There won’t be any gotcha questions, tryint to make people look bad,” he said, promising he would “challenge them, to engage them in a real conversastion.”

“…Every candidate will be heard.  What happened to Ron Paul, receiving only 89 seconds of the first hour (of the last debate) is simply wrong. You’re going to hear from everybody tonight,” Luntz said, getting applause.

Luntz asked if there were any Occupy Wall Street protesters in the room.  “If you’ve come here to protest, take two minutes now and speak to everyone here about what’s on your mind….so there isn’t a disruption in the next two hours.”

A man stepped forward, said he was from the state of Nevada. He spoke about his faith, and then asked that the discussion be steered to the Federal Reserve Bank.

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O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.


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