Abortion policy as determining factor for foreign aid

During this afternoon’s GOP candidate forum in Des Moines, Rick Perry linked denial of foreign aid to a country’s abortion policies and suggested as presiden the would deny any US aid to China.

“In the last debate, I talked about that our foreign policy budgets need to start at zero….but the idea that we are sending billions of dollars to China who are aborting 35,000 children a day is immoral and wrong and has to stop.”   The crowd gathered in the Des Moines church to witness the conversation applauded.

Later, during a discussion about making abortion illegal in the U.S., Michele Bachmann said, “the new playround of the left is ObamaCare” and she suggested Planned Parenthood would push for coverage of “chemical abortion” as preventative care and would be “billing that to the federal government.”

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About O.Kay Henderson

O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.