Romney: deficit slaying “not an impossible dream”

Mitt Romney made this promise to a crowd in Dubuque just now: “I will slay the deficit beast.” 

Romney promised to “kill programs” and pare 10 percent of the employees in the federal workforce. “This is not an impossible dream. I’ve seen it happen in other settings,” Romney said, beginning with references to his business experience and then his four years as governor of Massachusetts.

“The experience of balancing budgets is desperately needed in Washington and I will take it there,” he said.

Romney began his remarks by saying Iowans were “helpful” last time around and he is “planning” on Iowans’ help in 2012.

Romney said if Obama’s reelected, there’ll be four more years of the “Obama Great Recession.”  Romney said the alternative would be voters saying, “Mitt is it and I’ll have won…Now that’s a scenario I’m looking forward to because I want to go to work….I want Americans once again know the future is brighter than the past.”

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About O.Kay Henderson

O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.


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