Perry swings at Romney, “establishment types” (audio)

After an introduction that suggested his appearance here this afternoon was about policy and not raw politics, Texas Governor Rick Perry instead delivered a combative campaign speech to a group of University of Phoenix students and alumni in Des Moines (and U-of-P folks watching in six other remote sites around the country).

“There’s some in my party who have their own versions of the status quo, if you will and you’ll find out pretty quick I’m not much of a status quo person. The establishment’s not real fond of me and that’s o.k. as a matter of fact, one of my opponents is a 59 point plan and the first part of that is to preserve the current progressive tax system. To me, the way business is done in Washington is not the solution. They’re the problem and this race is really about the mess that Washington is in and it’s about stopping this big spending and stopping the bail-outs.

“….Most folks think we don’t need to tinker and make major changes.  I tell people I think it’s time to quit to looking at it with the tinkering mode, but to fundamentally overhaul the that way Washington works. You know, take entitlement reform — the establishment figures that I know view through the prism of the current beneficiaries and I agree we ought to protect the current beneficiaries of our Social Security program, you know, but who’s going to stand up and say, ‘What about the young American workers? What about those who would like to protect their investment in Social Security and Medicare?

“There’ve been nearly 20 entitlement and spending reform commissions created in Washingon D.C. in the last 30 years and you know why? Because it’s a whole lot easier to name a commission to solve a problem than it is actually to solve the problem. That takes actual leadership.  Some think we can fix Washington with a pair of tweezers, nibbling around the edges, if you will.  I happen to think we need to take a sledge-hammer to it.”

Perry touted his flat tax proposal. He also pledged that as president he would veto any budget bill that contained earmarks.

“I’ll bring my own barrel of ink for my veto pen, thank you very much,” Perry said.  Perry also promised to impose an across-the-board pay freeze for congress and all gov’t employees (except for members of the military & public safety areas) until the federal budget is balanced.

“There is a clear choice, I happen to think in this race, between the status quo tinkerers and those who represent the establishment…and my approach,” Perry said, mentioning his “wrecking ball” approach again. “,,,It’s your country and it’s time for you to take your country back.”

AUDIO: Perry’s opening remarks at this University of Phoenix event.

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