Ron Paul @ NFRA

The National Federation of Republican Assemblies is having a “presidential preference convention” in Des Moines today.  “We believe in conservatism…a lot of us believe in the more libertarian strain of that,” said NFRA president Ron Martin, who opened the event at 9:12 a.m.  He said the group’s goal is to “take back the Republican Party from the establishment….Enough is enough. The elites have had their say…It’s time for a change.”

GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul took the stage first, at about 9:20 a.m.  Nearly all in the crowd stood to applaud his entry into the room.  “Glad to see everybody up and ready to go this morning,” Paul began, telling the crowd he had a  “soft spot” for the NFRA. 

“I consider this the constitutional wing of the Republican Party,” Paul said. “…Our goal right now has to be the defense of liberty…and make sure those individuals in Washington live within the law,” he said.

Paul told the crowd one of his “biggest gripes about government” is its secrecy. “If there’s any one thing that would benefit us is to get more openness in government,” he said.  “…It’s been especially the case since 9/11…Quite frankly, we way overreacted.”

He called for the repeal of The Patriot Act, and got hearty applause.

The one “big issue” for the group, Paul said, is “to get rid of the secrecy and all the chicanery” of the Federal Reserve system.  That got even louder applause, as did Paul’s call for getting rid of the Federal Reserve.

Paul said much of the opposition to his point of view is coming from the IMF and the UN, and he talked about currency competition with gold and silver as “legal tender.” 

Republicans in the House are “doing a pretty good job” on exposing the problems with the Solyndra grant and “horrendous problem” with the Fast & Furious program.

Whistleblowing isn’t welcomed on the “fallacies” of U.S. wars/foreign military interventions, according to Paul.  “The American people should know about these things,”Paul said, to applause.  “…We should never go to war without a full examination and a declaration of war.”

Paul talked about Vietnam. “When I was drafted in 1962, it wasn’t for a declared war.  It was for another war based on a lie,” he said. Paul also criticized U.S. involvement in NATO and UN operations.  “We should only go to war when the people in this country declare the war,” he said, to lengthy applause and a standing ovation from most of the crowd. 

Paul said he’s like to see an investigation of why the federal government is conducting SWAT breakins “on the pretense” someone might have drugs — “without a proper search warrant.”  Another burst of applause for that. 

Paul next decried the “assassination of American citizens” like the al Qaida operatives in Yemen.  “Who knows what this can translate into down the road,” Paul said, assailing the killing of two 16-year-olds by a drone attack.  “…How intimidated to we have to be that we would assassinate a kid?…I fear much more the erosion of our liberties here at home…than I do from any foreign adversary,” Paul said.  Many in the crowd stood to applaud this, too.

Paul decried U.S. involvement in Afghanistan. “I think it’s time for us to come home and mind our own business,” Paul said.  “…I want to drastically reduce military spending…on this militarism that gets us into so much trouble.”

Paul talked about his proposal to cut $1 trillion out of the federal budget in his first year in office.

“This country needs to wake up and quit lying to itself whether it’s on the economics or the foreign policy.  What we need is a healthy dose of the spirit of liberty,” Paul said.  “…We must remember that an idea whose time has come it cannot be stopped by armies.” 

“…We need to make a decision.  Do we want to live in a free society…or are we going to succomb to…dictatorial power, authoritarians taking over?”  Paul asked rhetorically. “…There is no reason in a free society that you ever need to sacrifice your liberty to be safe and prosperous.”  Speech over at 9:46 a.m.

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About O.Kay Henderson

O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.


  1. Rose Averitte says

    We need to change our monetary system asap. If the Federal Reserve does not leave we are to take our monies out of them, create new American Banks. We need to bring our military back home, from all over the world. We need to “create” new jobs, maybe even the same old jobs we used to have, only New American Companies, that will guarantee never to leave this country. Maybe even employee owned companies, no CEO”s. We need to be more stronger in our Constitution with the Government, they should not forget they are Americans too. Corruption needs to be halted and lobbyist should not be able to give money to anyone one.

  2. Edward Lee says

    Thanks for the summary/transcript! Will you be able to go into more details tomorrow on CNN’s State of the Union? Did Ron Paul speak much about his plan to cut $1 trillion of spending to help stimulate the economy?

  3. I am a veteran and I am voting for Ron Paul.

  4. Absolutely spot-on. I support Ron Paul because I support the US and the Constitution. There is no other choice.

  5. I was a life long democrat until I saw ‘American Freedom to Fascism” Ron Paul had a short couple of minutes in that film, I was blown away. This man is brilliant. I became a precinct chair, county and state delegate for Dr. Paul. It will be my honor to do it again but this time go all the way to national to vote to nominate the next President. President Paul. We gotta get this done.

  6. Cmon Kay, you post audio of Rick Perry’s wife, but no Ron Paul?

    Rick Perry is a political hack- if he could have been elected in Texas as a Democrat 10 years ago, he would have been a Democrat. He’s Karl Rove’s little Bush 2.0. And Herman Cain is just some kind of gangster– but hey, Republicans fawned over Donald Trump, so its no surprise that they absolutely adore the guy.

  7. Jordan Bourne, Ohio says

    I’m a veteran and I support Ron Paul. This man will always be my president no matter what happens. I’ve gone most of my life without ever having a hero or role model. The past couple of years have changed that and I’m proud to say Dr. Paul is a hero of mine. No one is more principled or determined.

  8. If Dr. Paul isn’t elected, how much time do we have at our current pace before the end of America as we know it?

  9. proud of you and so many other people who are waking up…thank you..Ron Paul 2012!

  10. I am also am a veteran who will be voting for Dr. Ron Paul.

    End these insane wars now for God’s sake. Haven’t enough women and children been killed from drones in the sky? How much blood will it take to quench the thirst for blood from some in this Grand Old Party. I can only pray that people will finally say, “enough is enough.”

  11. Ron Paul’s whole 30 year career has been focused on the restoration of America’s Liberty.

    Since 1913 with the creation of the FED/IRS Complex, Americans have gradually been losing their freedoms. We have become a nation oppressed under debt slavery & tax bondage.

    In case you haven’t noticed the rate of loss has been accelerating. The last act of those in power in a collapsing empire is to loot the treasury. It’s text book tyranny.

    These falling empires also venture into more pre-emptive invasons and foreign wars to rally the people behind the government.

    When the people revolt because of high prices, high unemployment and inflation, the government cracks down with force to subdue the people.

    Ron Paul’s sole purpose for entering politics 30 years ago was the fear that we were losing our republic and our Constitution would be cast aside. He had a thriving medical practice and a growing family that he enjoyed.

    This is not a game. The small group of private banksters who own the private Federal Reserve banking monopoly are ruthless. They are not going to give Americans any quarter.

    This election is the point of no return.

    We cannot afford to elect anymore duplicitous liars and would-be tyrants who protect the FED/IRS Complex.

    We cannot afford to elect anybody other than an astute, consistant and honest statesman.

    We cannot afford to fail to elect Ron Paul.

  12. Jeffrey Kelly says

    Will the MSM take hold of this Staw Poll victory like they did for Florida’s P-5 in which Cain took first place? Regretfully I think not, it will be buired and made to look insignificant or will be reported that Paul’s organization stuffed the ballot box, or bus in large numbers of college students with campain purched tickets. Sadly, I have read such stories recently and expect the same from this victory. We’ll also see stories that reference national polls that report Paul has never broke above 10 percent and although his grass root organization can raise the funds he is incapable of winning the GOP nomination. Well, with Gods help and tens of million Americans who have had it with the status quo, wars, inflation, a failing currency, collaped housing market, unemployment, and bail outs for the to big to fail, I pray that the MSM will be reporting some shocking truths come January 2012 when Ron Paul begins to win the early primary states with overwhelming margins! From what I read on the internet and hear in my community it very well seems to be going Ron Paul’s way. It will be good to read a MSM report of a Paul nomination! I will be even better to read a MSM report of a Paul presidency! RON PAUL 2012, Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty through the restoration of the Republic! Restore America Now!