Bachmann accuses US AG of “wilfull blindness”

GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann’s name is in lights at the Smokey Row Coffeehouse in Oskaloosa. There’s an old “Rivola” movie marquee inside this room, with Bachmann’s name as a coming attraction; the other side of the marquee notes “open mic night is Nov. 5.”

Some of the folks who came to hear Bachmann ordered drinks which required the coffee grinder, so there was noise as she began speaking. Bachmann noted the sound. “Don’t worry about that. That’s the sign of the economy working,” she said.

“We must make a course correction in 2012 because I think this election is it for the country. We have to get a grip,” Bachmann said.

Bachmann touted her work as a “tax attorney” and the small business she and her husband started. “I knew a lot about the real world and how the real world works,” Bachmann said, contrasting that with what she sad was the “Fantasyland” she found in Washington, D.C. when she went to congress.

“It is not Monopoly Money, which means real people have to work real jobs and pay back all that debt,” she said.  Bachmann said the so-called “super committee” is tasked with coming up with $1 trillion in cuts over a 10 year period. “We should cut that out every single year,” Bachmann said.

Bachmann said people were concerned about the Federal Reserve’s actions, and “rightly so” she said. “The Federal Reserve is out of control with the money supply.”

Next up, border security and Bachmann’s vow to make English the official language of the United State government, which drew applause from the crowd.  

Bachmann accused U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder of “wilfull blindness” through a rewrite of FBI training manuals.

“This week Eric Holder, the attorney general, made a decision that the FBI training manuals that are used for terrorism, he made a decision that those terror training manuals will not tolerate any FBI agent linking terror to Jihad or radical fundamentalist Islam. I’m not making this up. This just came this week, so you have a 900-pound gorilla in the room and you’re not allowed to notice anymore. This is an issue,” she said.  “…It’s time that we take off the politically-correct glasses and call this out for what it is and stand up for the American people.” 

The crowd applauded. She made similar comments yesterday, which the AP concluded were an exaggeration. 

More from the event later.

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