Romney’s boots on the ground in Iowa soon

Just ran into a state legislator, Representative Jeff Kaufmann of Wilton, who told me GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney will be speaking at a Kaufmann fundraiser here in eastern Iowa in three weeks.  (UPDATE:  Romney people say invitation to appear not accepted.) Rick Perry will be speaking at a Kaufmann fundraiser next week.  Kaufmann used to be a senior policy advisor for the Gingrich campaign, but that association ended.  Kaufmann’s son had been a player in the Pawlenty campaign and Pawlenty spoke at a Kaufmann fundraiser before the 2010 election, as did Rick Santorum. Kaufmann is the speaker pro tem of the Iowa House and raises money for himself as well as other GOP candidates for the Iowa House.

Perry is due to speak in Tiffin, Iowa, in about an hour.  I’m on the scene and will blog it.  The crowd is eating BBQ right now.  Don’t know if it, the BBQ, will pass Perry’s standards.

Oh, and Michele Bachmann’s back in Iowa next week, capping her swing with what her campaign billed as a “Bachmann Takes It to Perry Rally” in Perry, Iowa on Saturday.

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