Bachmann slices raw meat, stiff-arms ?s about Rollins’ statements

Bachmann cutting meat in Des Moines.

GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann visited a meat locker in Des Moines today, providing images that you are likely to see over and over on your television.  There was a room full of hanging carcasses and, before Bachmann arrived, reporters were witness to the use of a meat hook and a hand saw, as a slab of fresh beef was cut so Bachmann would be able to slice into some red meat herself when she arrived.

Bachmann held a news conference in the “cutting room” where the meat is “processed”  (let’s just say I’m off beef for a few days because of this visit).  Bachmann was asked about her dropping poll numbers.

“Well, we’re here in Iowa. Again, we went through the Straw Poll process. We saw another candidate emerge and now, of course, that always changes the dynamic. But we’re doing exactly what we need to do. We’re here in Iowa, meeting with people, engaging with people, listening to them and talking about what their concerns are. My focus is on turning the economy around and creating jobs and that’s why we’re here today in Iowa.”

The next question was about comments yesterday from Ed Rollins, her former campaign manager. (Rollins said Bachmann didn’t have the money to compete beyond Iowa and Rollins suggested there is a “status gap” between Bachmann and Perry.)

“Well, we do not agree. We have sufficient resources to be able to do what we’re doing and that’s to be very competitive in this race. We’re delighted to be able to be here. We’ve had a wonderful experience in Iowa. We intend to be here and just this last week we were in AZ, CA, FL, SC — we’ve been all over the United States and we intend to compete and go forward. We have a very positive campaign.”   

AUDIO: news conference in Des Moines 14 min


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  1. I know she’s against gov’t regulations, but shouldn’t she be wearing a hair net when she’s “processing” that meat?!