It’s pouring at the Palin event

The outdoor venue for today’s Tea Party of America rally is currently under a thunder cloud. Rain is pouring onto the field and onto the people who are sitting in lawn chairs or standing on the field. This pasture is used as a hot air balloon launching pad during annual Indianola’s balloon festival. Today would be a no-launch day were the festival still on.

It’s difficult to talk with the folks who are in the crowd, as many are huddle under their umbrellas.  The program has begun, however, and the Pledge has been said and the National Anthem was just sung.

There is a press tent at the event, which I’m huddled under along with colleagues who are typing on their laptops.  I’ve taken a few pictures, and offered up a spare umbrella for sale (it’s in my car trunk), on Twitter.  According to the program schedule, the folks outside have another hour and a half to wait before Palin takes the stage.

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About O.Kay Henderson

O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.