Palin’s Iowa appearance on Saturday?

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is/was to be the headliner for a Saturday rally in Indianola, but a Palin insider tells me the Palin camp now is “not sure” that Palin will indeed attend.  Palin had accepted an invitation from a group called “Tea Party of America” to appear at their event in central Iowa over the Labor Day weekend.  That group was formed last year by Charlie Gruschow, former leader of the Des Moines Tea Party.  Earlier this year Gruschow endorsed Herman Cain’s presidential bid, but Gruschow left the Cain campaign in July and he’s been among the planners of this Saturday’s event at the balloon field in Indianola.

Someone cited by The Wall Street Journal as a “person close” to Palin says the Palin camp is upset by the “continual lying” of “Tea Party of America” organizers. Over the past couple of days, there’s been confusion about another Republican, Christine O’Donnell, and whether she would speak at Saturday’s event.  As another source told me, that “seat of the pants” kind of event management has prompted the Palin folks to reevaluate.

As of 12:30 p.m. on August 31, 2011, the Palin folks have not cancelled on the Indianola rally, but the appearance is in doubt.  “Not sure yet” is what one source close to the Palins tells me.

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