Final round: the candidates make a final pitch

The final section of tonight’s FOX News debate gave the candidates a chance to give closing statements.  Santorum began, touting his visits to 68 of Iowa’s 99 counties and criticizing the media for failing to pay attention to him. Cain was next, focusing on the economy.  Paul said his cause was liberty.  Romney called Obama “a man who is out of his depth” on the economy. Bachmann said the “good news” was the Straw Poll on Saturday can send Obama a message.  Pawlenty said: “now is the time for effective, tested, conservative leadership.” Huntsman said Obama won in 2008 on hope, “I’m going to win in 2012 on solutions.” Gingrich said the country is “in a crisis now” and congress needs to go back to work.

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About O.Kay Henderson

O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.