BVP offers cautionary tale about Straw Polls (audio)

“I’m a guy who knows the value of a Straw Poll. I won about every one of ’em, but I’m not governor today.” — Bob Vander Plaats, August 9, 2011.

Three-time Iowa GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob Vander Plaats was surrounded by reporters this morning after he attended the Values Voter Bus Tour launch in Des Moines. 

“There’s a lot of Caucus to be played,” BVP, a former high school basketball coach, told the gaggle.  A little later, BVP offered this: “I’m a guy who knows the value of a Straw Poll. I won about every one of ’em, but I’m not governor today. OK? Straw Polls have short shelf-lives. You have to have a Caucus strategy if you want to be president of the United States. I remember Huckabee took second place in Ames four years ago. Our next event was in Clinton, Iowa, probably two weeks later. We had two people show up. OK? So Huckabee had to continue to wear well on people, continue to stay on message.” 

BVP also gave quick his interpretations of the race:

Pawlenty “wears well”

Bachmann has “a certain pizzazz” 

Ron Paul will ‘finish well” 

Santorum is  “catching on” but it may be “too little, too late”

Audio of BVP speaking with reporters.

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