Bachmann’s “Testimony of Faith” (audio)

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has for the past two Sundays been a featured speaker at an evangelical Christian church service in Iowa.  Last Sunday she spoke at a large church in Des Moines. Today she spoke at the New Life Community Church in Marion, Iowa.  About 200 adults and children were in the congregation.

The church bulletin for this July 24, 2011 service listed the order of worship thusly:

Worshipping Christ in Song; Serving Christ in Ministries; Giving to Christ in Joy; Remembering Christ in Communion; Thanksing& Asking Christ in Prayer; Michele Bachmann Testimony of Faith.

AUDIO:  30 min – Bachmann’s testimony; followed by a prayer offered by the church’s pastor for both Bachmann and her family.

Bachmann spent a little over two hours at the church, posing for pictures and talking with members of the congregation as they came up the aisles to meet her after the service concluded.

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