Bachmann’s debt ceiling deal-makers? (audio)

I have heard Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann tell audiences in Iowa on a couple of occasions that the only way she’d vote to raise the debt ceiling would be if the deal includes the “defunding” of ObamaCare.  I asked her about that statement this afternoon, and whether there were any other qualifications that could be added to a “deal” which might cause her to vote to raise the debt ceiling. (Her campaign announced Saturday she would be signing South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint’s “cut, cap and balance” pledge.)

AUDIO: Bachmann answers :53

“I’m very proud of what Senator Jim DeMint is doing and what he’s asking for in cut, cap and balance. I think that’s wonderful. But the repeal of ObamaCare is absolutely essential and the defunding of ObamaCare is absolutely essential because it will be, essentially, Medicaid for all. It will displace Medicare and it will lead to rationing, but what’s worse, too, is the fact that it will also lead to, I think,  making it almost impossible for us to be a prosperous, free nation because it will require so much money and I think very quickly we will find ourselves in the situation that the United Kingdom is in now.  People don’t want it. People want us to get rid of it and I’m committed to that.” 

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