Introducing: the Chet Culver Group

No, the former governor has not formed a garage band.  He’s formed a consulting group.  Read the news release below:


Announces Partnership with Innovative Wind Energy Company Viryd Technologies

(DES MOINES) – Today, former Iowa Governor Chet Culver announces the formation of the Chet Culver Group, a firm dedicated to providing strategic consulting for individuals and public and private sector entities.

The Chet Culver Group will form partnerships in areas Culver has focused on throughout his entire career, including renewable energy, infrastructure and issue-based advocacy.

“I believe energy security is one of the most important, long-term issues facing our country,” said Governor Culver.  “Finding innovative, clean energy solutions is critically important when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint and creating jobs here at home.  The Chet Culver Group will be dedicated to working with strategic partners on issues I have cared deeply about my entire career, including renewable energy and creating jobs through infrastructure investments and public-private partnerships.”

Culver’s focus on clean energy and determination to bring new, innovative industries to Iowa has led to impressive results. Under Governor Culver, Iowa moved to 1st in the world per capita in use of renewable energy, increasing its use from 5% to 20% in just four years. Focusing on job creation and public-private partnerships, Forbes magazine ranked Iowa under Culver the “No. 1 place in America for businesses and careers” and CNBC said Iowa was one of the “Top States for Business.”

Today, the Chet Culver Group also announces its partnership with Viryd Technologies.  Viryd Technologies, based in Austin, TX, is a new, innovative wind-energy company dedicated to developing, designing and executing enhanced technology, in order to harness the renewable energy of wind to power businesses and communities.

Viryd Technologies’ proprietary technologies include rotor blades, transmissions, control systems and tilt-down towers.  Viryd brings enhanced power security and independence to businesses, communities and our nation, making wind energy practical by maximizing efficiency while minimizing the cost of production.

“We are extremely pleased to partner with Governor Culver as our company grows and more Americans look to wind energy as a clean and inexhaustible renewable energy resource,” said Viryd Technologies CEO John Bingle.  “The Governor has experience and obvious passion when it comes to wind energy, and we look forward to his input as our company continues to grow.”

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And a P.S.  Culver’s lieutenant governor, Patty Judge, was one of three finalists to be the new executive director of the Iowa Association of School Boards.  The IASB chose Southeast Polk’s superintendent to be its new leader.

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