Before I forget, an odd moment…

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour visited with Iowa Governor Terry Branstad in Branstad’s office in February.  Branstad’s staff (not Barbour’s) invited Iowa reporters into the room, and the two governors talked briefly with reporters.  At the end of the event, after reporters had asked their questions and Branstad communications director Tim Albrecht had said, “Thank you, everybody” to signal the end of the Q&A, Branstad made a bit of small talk.

“John Deere makes cotton pickers right here in Ankeny,” Branstad said to Barbour.

“Good for him,” Barbour replied, not immediately realizing Branstad was talking about the company, not a person.  Barbour caught himself seconds later, though, and said:  “Good for them.”

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About O.Kay Henderson

O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.