Listen to Cain, Bachmann, Paul in Iowa (AUDIO)

Three potential 2012 presidential candidates spoke over the noon-hour at a rally on the steps of the Iowa statehouse.  The crowd of home-schooling parents and their children cheered the trio, despite the chilly weather.

Listen to former Godfather’s CEO Herman Cain, who spoke first.

Listen to Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who spoke second.

Listen to Texas Congressman Ron Paul, who spoke last.

Cain was brief, speaking for about four minutes and promising the crowd he’d tell the rest of the story at an event later this afternoon.  Bachmann spoke for 25 minutes, stressing her Iowa roots.  “It’s great to be in Iowa.  Is there any other place?” Bachmann said at the beginning, laughing.  “…I come to you, first of all, as an Iowan….I’m a seventh-generation Iowan…What I love about Iowans is that we’re fighters.  We’re fighters.  We don’t take no for an answer.”  She was the only one of the three to specifically mention last fall’s judicial retention vote in which three Iowa Supreme Court Justices were voted off the bench.

Bachmann stressed her background as a home-schooling mom. Paul also talked extensively about home-schooling.  “The public school now is a propaganda machine. They start with our kids even in kindergarten, teaching ’em about family values, sexual education, gun rights, environmentalism, and they condition them to believe in so much that is totally un-American,” Paul said during his 11-minute speech.

UPDATE:  here’s the Radio Iowa story about this event.

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