King @ Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition event

Congressman Steve King is the second office-holder to speak.  (I suspect he will not be as brief as Governor Branstad.)

King talked about his grand-kids, and then launched into a discussion of last fall’s judicial retention election before lambasting the Obama Administration for announcing last week that the Justice Department would no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in court.

“That’s a violation of their oath of office,” King said, to applause. The applause was even louder when King vowed to cut Attorney General Eric Holder’s budget in response.

King mentioned cutting federal funding to Planned Parenthood and “ObamaCare” — and he threw in a shout out to his “friend Michele Bachmann” who he said was “there with me” on all of that.  Bachmann is not among the potential/prospective/probable presidential candidates who are here to speak at this evening’s event.

King suggested Republicans in 2012 need an alternative to James Carville’s infamous “It’s the economy, stupid” placard.  He suggested this: “If we get the culture right, the economy will be right eventually.”

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